Selection and Installation

At Infinium Pools & Construction we specialize in custom pools so you get exactly what you need and want for your size of space. Interested in a pool that's not in the traditional shape? We can do it! Interested in having a waterfall that connects to the side of your pool? We can do that, too! We can even install both a pool and spa so you have a place to go no matter what the weather outside is like. We work closely with you throughout the process so you get exactly what you want and nothing less.

We put a great deal of importance on our customers being satisfied, and that's why we always help with the selection of even the smallest of details. We tell you what we know, answer your questions and give you the facts so you can make choices that make the most sense for you all around. And once you've selected everything from the shape of the pool to the tiles and even accessories, you can leave the installation to our team. Every day we do pool projects so you can trust our skills with efficient and effective building. No pool is too complex or difficult for us to build, even if it's 100% customized and unique. We look forward to challenges that allow us to show our creativity, and that's why we have become one of the leading companies of our kind.

If you're looking to make pool building simple, easy and enjoyable, then Infinium Pools can offer you exactly what you want. No other company surpasses our service or will give you the comprehensive help you need to create the pool of your dreams. Everything from the selection of the details to the installation will be handled by us, but will first be approved by you so you get the ultimate say in what's done.

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