Pool Construction

Pool Design Services

Infinium Pools Provides Three Levels of Design Packages
and À la carte options for you.

Take a look at some of the unique services we provide and contact us to speak with one of our Infinium Design Specialists to help you with your Dream Pool Design.


The Infinium Dream Pool Process includes hands on professional project management of your pool design- from concept to completion.

When you hire a professional contractor to work for you, it's not your job to manage the crew or the project. It's ours.  We know that not all contractors are the same.  Ininfium Pools provides top level project management throughout each step of the design and installation process.


Selection and

Your property has unique features and form that need to go into the design process to create the best pool for you home.

Your Infinium Pool Coordinator and our Design Team work hand in hand to assess the details of your yard to come up with the best site selection for your project.


Complete Color

Infinium Pools pays attention to details.  Your new pool, concrete, and masonry work is a reflection of your home's style and character.   Your pool needs to visually be an extension of your home and our team always takes that into consideration when we develop your pool design.

Southern California home owners benefit from our year round wonderful weather. The backyards are used as that outside 'room' that is a functional part of the home for entertainment, exercise, family gatherings and the making of memories.    The Infinium Pool team bring color options and pool materials that will create that one of kind look and feel for your pool - and color is a huge part of that finished look.


Pool Accessories &

Your pool becomes complete and ready to use with the right accessories to help your pool run efficiently, while having the finishing touches to enjoy.

Infinium Pools uses filters, pumps and heaters that are quality and provide energy efficient savings for your pool.  As part of the unique design options available to help create your dream pool, our team also integrates features such as waterfalls, slides, bars, BBQ's, Diving Boards and even bridges as part of your design options.


Outdoor Decor Options

When you choose our Infinium Premiere Pool Package, you benefit by 'one stop shopping'. We bring our experts to you for selection of chairs, patios, decor, poolside pillows, window dressings, and other fun accessories.

Infinium Pools works with expert interior and exterior designers and specialty craftsmen who will help you coordinate the finishing touches to your poolside 'room'. The Infinium Premiere Pool Package delivers concierge style service and selection of the finishing touches to beautify and enhance the value of your new pool.


Floral and
Plant Design

When you choose our Infinium Premiere Pool Package, exterior landscaping selection and installation completes the final look of your new backyard retreat.

Infinium Pools has the experience and resources to provide the finishing florals and plants you want for your backyard pool.   Creating your complete serene outdoor room where your pool is the centerpiece of attention is easy when you choose the Infinium Premiere Pool Package.