Infinium Pools

Infinium Pools is your quality, ethical, pool design and swimming pool building team in Southern California.

Although we have a young license it does not mean that we do not have the proper experience to design and build your dream pool. Having designed, with paper and pencil, and sold his first pool at the age of 18 the owner, Kory Roberts, has seen and experienced firsthand working with many different local pool builders. He has taken that experience over the last 15 years and created what he hopes to be a long lasting pool company for years to come. Since 2000 technology has changed. With that has come new innovative ways to give home owners a design perspective that was only dreamt of years ago. With the power of Pool Studios, a 3D design software, you can be walked through your yard to see design elements and details that will have you envisioning your very own yard. Not only the visual, but the sound of the water plays as you get closer to the waterfalls giving you a real sense of reality. Even though this is simply a conceptual of what your yard can look and sound like, Infinium can bring it to fruition.

With a clear focus on building a lasting company to serve you for years to come you can rest assured that Kory Roberts has aligned himself with veracious individuals. Rick McRoberts is one of those. Rick has been involved with pools for over 18 years, beginning in service, giving him a great deal of knowledge of how the "brain" of your pool works, the equipment. Having been hands on for many years Rick has been a great asset to the Infinium team as he manages the construction side of the company. Doug Patterson is another great asset to Infinium. With 16 years in the pool industry, Doug brings to the table a positive attitude that every company needs. Having great attention to detail makes him the perfect fit as your pool designer and consultant. Here at Infinium we have goals to offer a unique design fit for your family's needs and desires. We understand that Infinium may not be the perfect fit for everyone and everyone is not a perfect fit for Infinium, however we would love a chance to earn your business. Give us a shot by clicking below and scheduling your free pool consultation with Doug, we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

With over 49 years of collective experience as pool contractors, pool builders and pool designers, the Infinium team invites you to discover the experience of our 5 Step Dream Pool Process and see how we make getting the pool you've always wanted easy and affordable.

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