General Contractor License vs Pool Contractor License

It might seem tempting to hire a general contractor to build your pool, especially since they are so readily available and easy to find. But, they are generally not the best choices for jobs like this. The work that goes into a pool is complex, and requires extensive knowledge of pool building in particular. It's…
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How we save you money

t Infinium Pools we know that staying on budget is important, and that's why we'd like to tell you how we can save you money! While it might seem that hiring a professional would be the expensive way to go, it can actually be very budget-friendly and something that saves you more money in the…
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Concrete Details

The raw materials builders use is the same.  It's what they do (or don't do) that can effect the durability, safety and life of your pool. Pool builders who do this type of pool installation are often only concerned with making money.  They quote you and charge you for a specific amount of concrete- but…
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