Concrete Details

The raw materials builders use is the same.  It's what they do (or don't do) that can effect the durability, safety and life of your pool.

Pool builders who do this type of pool installation are often only concerned with making money.  They quote you and charge you for a specific amount of concrete- but they do not use it all in the pouring of the pool walls. When this is done, it's called 'shaving'- and what you get are pool walls that are not thick enough with concrete to withstand long term use.

Customers will not know this upfront, because the concrete gets covered up with the beautiful pool tiles.  The 'cost' shows up years later.... when the pool starts cracking due to the thin structural walls.  Now, you have to pay to have the pool professionally fixed.

The Infinium Pools team always preps, designs, pours and finishes your pool the way it is supposed to be.  Yes, we like to make a living building and installing pools- but the quality relationship we have with our clients is more important. Our reputation is on the line with every job we do... and we value that.

As part of our Infinium Dream Pool Process, when your pool is finished, you receive a Lifetime Structural & 3-Year Extended Limited Warranty.

Very few Pool Contractors offer a warranty, but our team does. We stand behind the quality of our materials and our workmanship.

Infinium Pools has years of ethical, integrity based designs and installation practices.

Before you choose your pool contractor, check the details of the company.

Contact us today and discover how the Infinium Dream Pool Process will save you time and money upfront and over the life of your pool!

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