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Easy Pool Financing is Available Online

At Infinium Pools we don’t want you to stress about this part of the process, but instead we want you to look forward to your investment. That’s why we’ve made financing as easy as possible with Paramount, Lyon Financial and LightStream. We hand selected each of these different companies to help finance your pool because so many of our customers have success with them! They have helped make countless dreams of owning a pool come true, and we hope that they can help you as well.


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It’s worthwhile to fill out an application if you know what you want and are ready to take the next step, as it takes only a few minutes to complete one online. We’ve provided links for each of the applications on this page to make it easy, and will closely work with you once you’ve been approved for financing. If you’ve been stressing out about the initial cost, then you’ll likely stop worrying once you read more about each of these financing options. They make it incredibly easy to find out how much you’re approved for, and that can mean more easily getting the building process started with us!

Building a pool outside of your home can be an investment in your family’s enjoyment, but also your home’s overall value. This is why you shouldn’t let financing get in the way of you making this dream become a reality. At Infinium Pools we have made it easier than ever to get the money you need to create the pool that you want. And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’ll keep your budget in mind every step of the way to ensure you don’t spend more than what’s available on your new pool.


Please Click on the Links Below if you wish to Finance your Custom Pool In Temecula

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