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Concrete Details

The raw materials builders use is the same.  It's what they do (or don't do) that can effect the durability, safety and life of your pool. Pool builders who do this type of pool installation are often only concerned with making money.  They quote you and charge you for a specific amount of concrete- but…
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Project Management

At Infinium Pools we manage the construction project from start to finish because our goal is to make things as easy for you as possible. Our process is something we've refined over our time in business and it will be something that we guarantee you'll enjoy. Right in front of you you'll see your pool…
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Selection and Installation

At Infinium Pools & Construction we specialize in custom pools so you get exactly what you need and want for your size of space. Interested in a pool that's not in the traditional shape? We can do it! Interested in having a waterfall that connects to the side of your pool? We can do that,…
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